Bank of Ireland set to sell seven-year bond

Bank of Ireland is preparing to sell a seven-year covered deal – the longest public bond offering from an Irish bank since the financial crisis began.The sale of a seven-year maturity is considered to be a logical step for Bank of Ireland, which has only issued three and five-year debt up until now. It is also likely to raise new hopes that the country’s other banks can issue debt of various terms. Citi, Danske, Deutsche Bank, Nomura and RBS have been hired by Bank of Ireland as lead managers for the €500m issue. Ireland’s banks have been on an upward trajectory over the past year, and Bank of Ireland has been at the forefront of the rehabilitation.

The bank in November sold a covered deal, remarketed a contingent capital bond in January, and then returned to the senior market in May as it seeks to wean itself off ECB support.

In August, total ECB borrowing from the country’s banks declined to around €43.3 billion – the lowest level since September 2008, according to the Department of Finance.